Getting Certified CMMC-ISO 9001 El Paso TX-ISO PROS #9

Getting CMMC Certified in El Paso, Texas (TX)

Many organizations deal with classified or confidential data. But are all of them certified under CMMC, Cybersecurity Maturity Model Certification?

It becomes necessary to be secured to avoid trust issues among your clients. We have worked on many contracts in EL Paso and known as well-positioned third parties. So contact us if you are interested in the same.

CMMC is a harmonious standard on defense industrial base (DIB). Whether you are a DOD contractor, a small supplier, a commercial contractor, or a foreign supplier, you eventually are required to obtain the certification.

Meet the expectation of your partnership group and customers. Don’t risk your business at any cost. Whatever the size of your organization is, CMMC certification is necessary and applicable. It plays a significant role in attracting potential clients who are cautious about their data.


What is CMMC all about?

Prepare yourself not only for the certification but for long term cybersecurity skills. The framework of CMMC defines five levels that examine an organization’s security measures to protect sensitive government data. Your structure reflects maturity and trustworthiness.

Let us take an overview of levels.

Level 1: Utilization of antivirus software and regular updates of employees’ passwords in the protection of FCI, as it all comes under basic cyber hygiene. The Federal Contract Information isn’t meant for public release or any leakage.

A company must follow these practices.

Level 2: A specific ‘mediator cyber hygiene’ procedure should be documented to begin the protection of Controlled Unclassified Information.

Level 3: A company must have a firm management plan to enforce ‘decent cyber hygiene’ methods to ensure CUI, encompassing all the NIST 800-171 r2 security regulations as well as other standards.

Level 4: A corporation must implement continuous processes for study and estimating the measure of the effectiveness of strategies. Detect the modified tactics, techniques, and protocols of APIs.

Advanced persistent threats are specified as adversaries that retain complicated levels of expertise and considerable resources, which allow it to stimulate opportunities to fulfill its objectives by employing numerous attack vectors.

Level 5: A company must have normalized and optimized cycles in alteration across the company and enhanced supplementary practices that provide more advanced capabilities to recognize and react to APTs.

When to implement?

The DoD mandatorily demands CMM certification from any organization that wants to compete for a defense contract from any defense agency. The RFIs must be submitted before June 2020 and RFPs in or before the end of September 2020. So be prepared for the certification with our online courses and training. Obtain the highest credential level feasible.

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